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What is the difference between an AWS Certification and the Cal Poly Cloud Professional Certificate?

The Cal Poly Cloud Professional Certificate signifies that you have satisfied the program requirements of Cal Poly’s Extended Education program for cloud infrastructure. AWS certifications are issued by Amazon.

Learn more about AWS certification.

How long is each class?

Each class is offered in an 8-week accelerated format and is catered toward working individuals. Class meetings take place twice a week for 2.5 hours each.

What pre-requisites do I need for this certificate program?

Students are not required to take any pre-requisite classes before enrolling in the class series. General IT knowledge is preferred but not required. These classes are a part of a progressive series; DEV10 E889 assumes the knowledge acquired from DEV10 E888, while DEV10 E890 assumes the knowledge acquired from both DEV10 E889 and DEV10 E888.

If you are uncertain about whether or not you meet pre-requisite requirements, please send an email to Darren Kraker, Professor Kurt Colvin or

Am I required to take all the classes in the DEV10 series?

You are not required to take all of the classes in the program and you can take any class for which you have satisfied the pre-requisites. However, to earn Cal Poly’s Cloud Professional Certificate, you must take all the classes in the series.

How many hours of work am I expected to complete outside of class?

For each hour that you are in class, you will likely spend anywhere between one and two hours working on labs and reviewing the class material outside of class.

Why should I take this class?

This class will help learners build credibility and confidence by growing their cloud expertise through hands-on examples using the AWS platform. The experience you gain will assist you in acquiring AWS certifications that will further demonstrate your cloud competency.

How rigorous is the class material?

Class material will introduce a variety of concepts unique to the AWS environment. While the class material is challenging, instructors are focused on student success and will assist you in navigating any areas of difficulty.

Who are the instructors?

All class meetings are team-taught by Cal Poly faculty Kurt Colvin and Darren Kraker. Darren brings a deep technical expertise from a career as software developer, information technology strategist and cloud computing expert. Kurt adds 20+ years of teaching engineering at Cal Poly with many years of developing new curriculum, including online courses. They are both certified AWS Solutions Architects and actively work on cloud computing and data analysis projects.

Do instructors hold office hours?

Both instructors will hold separate office hours throughout the quarter to assist students with various difficulties pertaining to the cloud. These office hours will be held either in person or virtually over Zoom. Office hours will be posted once the class begins. If you cannot make office hours, additional meeting times can be scheduled by appointment.

Can I enroll in this class if I’m not a Cal Poly student?

Yes, this class is open to anyone who is interested in participating.

How do the projects in this class compare to industry experience?

The class projects and labs are taken directly from industry examples in an effort to bring real-world problems to the classroom.

We recognize the importance of preparing you for professional environments and have hired instructors with 20+ years of industry experience to teach you about how cloud technology can be used to create solutions in the real world.

Will I get college credit for these classes?

These classes are eligible for Continuing Education Units (CEUs). According to the International Association for Continuing Education and Training (IACET), one CEU equals ten contact hours of participation in an organized continuing education or training experience under responsible, qualified direction and instruction. Each DEV10 class is worth 4 CEUs; CEUs cannot be converted to quarter or semester hours or credits and cannot be applied to degree programs.

Do you offer cloud certification exams?

While we don’t directly offer AWS cloud certification exams as part of this class series, our class curriculum was created to prepare you for these exams. We will also connect you with a local testing facility and offer several other resources to assist you in passing the AWS exams.

What are the deadlines for application and notification of acceptance?

Visit our registration site for deadlines.

Do Cal Poly Alumni, Staff receive a fee discount?

Yes! Visit our registration site to enroll and apply your eligible discount.

How do I enroll in this class?

Visit our registration site to learn more and enroll.

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